Brand your business!

Are you starting a new business or feel it is about time for a completely new look for your existing company?

Creating an identity, one that is authentic, consistent and speaks powerfully to your customers in everything you do, is the most central challenge for a brand – let us help you!

We provide a range of branding packages, from logo design to full company rebrands - aimed at small to medium sized companies wishing to use one design company for the whole branding of their business.

Our bespoke services include:

•    Logo design
•    Business card design
•    Poster design
•    Leaflet design
•    Vehicle design
•    Merchandise design
•    Website design app design

Here is a social media banner we recently created for a local charity we are supporting:

HMM Banner HIA

Would you like to know more? Why not speak to one of our team to discuss our branding packages in more detail by calling 01522 822520, or drop us a message by filling out our enquiry form.

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