Landing Page Web Design

A landing page is simply a page which users are directed to from one source, for example a Twitter campaign or banner ad. There are a few different functions of a landing page, including:

  • Acting as a mini sales pitch
  • Being targeted to get a click through from different places, Ie traffic coming from a certain ad might see a seperate landing page designed to appeal to that market
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing by making it easy to record how much traffic seperate campaigns are generating. This basically the online version of using a tracking phone number

As with any other type of web page, the design of a landing page can make all the difference between a visitor taking further action or clicking back.

Here is an example of a recent simple landing page we created for a client:



If you'd like to know more about how you can use landing pages to advance your online marketing, please give us a call or an email!

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